The Children & Families Together Board is where senior representatives of key city partner organisations meet to provide system leadership with the aim of driving improvements in the outcomes for children, young people and their families. It is responsible for the delivery of Wolverhampton’s Children, Young People and Families Plan (2015-25).

It also reports into Health and Wellbeing Together on shared priorities related to the Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2023–2028, with a particular emphasis on the ‘starting and growing well’ outcomes for the city.

The Board is committed to working with children, young people, families and all stakeholders to co-design and co produce solutions to create an environment in our city where children, young people and families are resilient, happy and healthy. As such, the board has adopted a set of principles and promises to ensure young people and families are at the heart of decision making. You can view the board's co-production charter and learn about Wolverhampton's Youth Engagement Strategy, #YES

Children and Families Together Board:

  • Provides strong local leadership and be accountable to children, young people, their families, the community and other stakeholders for the delivery of Wolverhampton’s Children, Young People and Families Plan 2015-2025.
  • Ensures that the voice of children and young people is heard in all aspects of planning and delivery of services which impact upon their lives.
  • Champions the needs of children and families in their own sectors and in other forums where the needs of children can be overlooked.
  • Encourages integrated working through promoting an ethos of integration and partnership in the planning, commissioning and delivery of services.
  • Collaborates with other city partnerships, boards and stakeholder groups to identify shared priorities, promoting coordination and avoiding duplication.

Children & Families Together Board is responsible for:

  • Challenging, monitoring and evaluating performance against the agreed priorities in the Children, Young People & Families Plan 2015-2025, including taking action where outcomes are not improving/ on track and ensuring collective resources are used effectively and efficiently to deliver the outcomes identified in the Plan.
  • Providing strategic oversight, including monitoring and reviewing key partnership strategies that support the Board. Providing direction, development and training, as required, to enable shared priorities to be met.
  • Utilising performance and data intelligence to influence the strategic direction for joint commissioning of services for children, young people and their families.
  • Reporting performance data into Health & Wellbeing Together on shared priority areas in the Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2023.
  • Taking into account city data to both refresh the Children, Young People & Families Plan 2015-2025 at the end of its lifespan and engage in a cycle of continuous improvement to ensure the plan is flexible enough to respond to changes and new challenges over its ten-year duration.
  • Ensuring the work of the Board is aligned with policy developments both locally and nationally, including responding to external review and inspection as required.

Meeting dates and papers for the Children & Families Together Board can be found here.