Your Guide to Asking a Question at Health & Wellbeing Together Board Meetings

What is the role of Health & Wellbeing Together?
Health and Wellbeing Together is the forum where city partners come together to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community and work towards reducing health inequalities.
You can access meeting dates, agendas and papers, including the Board’s Forward Plan, here.
Further details about the remit of Health & Wellbeing Together can be found in the Terms of Reference.
Process for asking questions at the Health & Wellbeing Together meetings
Health & Wellbeing Together recognises the importance of providing patients, carers and service users with the opportunity to contribute to shaping health and social care priorities. Members of the public are therefore able to attend and ask a question at Board meetings in accordance with the guidance below.

Agenda: All Health & Wellbeing Together Board meetings have an agenda and supporting papers. These are published five clear working days in advance of the meeting. A ‘public question time’ is a standing item on the agenda. Any speaker not present when the public speaking session commences will lose the opportunity to speak.

If you wish to speak at a meeting you need to notify the clerk to the Board and complete and return the Public Question Sheet at least 10 days before the date of the meeting you wish to speak at.

Your request will be considered to ensure that it relates to the agenda and is an appropriate matter for a public question. You will be contacted prior to the meeting by the clerk to the Board to confirm whether your request to speak or ask a question has been put onto the agenda. If you are attending and wish to bring along an advocate or interpreter, please advise on the request form.

Timed speaking: Any member of the public can speak at the Health & Wellbeing Together Board meetings, but there are some rules to ensure that the meeting is kept to an acceptable timescale. Once a question has been confirmed as being added to the agenda a maximum of 3 minutes will be allocated to the speaker and there will be a maximum of three public speakers per meeting. (Should more than 3 speakers request to speak at one meeting this will be determined on a first come first served basis).

To make the best use of your time, you could:
  • Prepare a script beforehand so you don’t forget what to say
  • Rehearse your question and time yourself
  • Find out who you are directing your question to
  • If you are speaking directly, speak clearly so you don’t have to repeat yourself

  • The Chairperson will have the discretion to halt a speaker should they begin to stray from the subject matter or make inappropriate or offensive comments. There will not be provision for supplementary questions.
    Once speakers have finished they will be asked to retake their seats.

    Minutes: A copy of any questions, the name of the person asking the question and the response to the question will be published with the Board minutes.

    Confidential and exempt items: In accordance with the City of Wolverhampton Constitution members of the public and press will be asked to leave the meeting for any agenda items considered confidential or exempt. You can find out more information about what constitutes a confidential or exempt item in the City of Wolverhampton Constitution.

    The agenda will make clear if any items are to be considered confidential or exempt.

    Social media: Members of the public may use social media in meetings in adherence with the Protocol for Recording, Filming and Social Media at Meetings as outlined in the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Constitution.
    Additional material can be provided for further reference but it should be noted that the public speaking session is not the appropriate forum to seek answers to individual complaints or queries which will need to be pursued elsewhere. The clerk to the Board can provide further details on how to do this if required. Please note, any printed material must be provided by yourself. Due to timescales, PowerPoint Presentations or use of overhead projectors cannot be facilitated
    What happens if a matter that I want to talk about is withdrawn prior to meeting?
    Reports are seldom withdrawn once the agenda has been published but if you wanted to speak about a particular issue and find that the Board agenda has been changed you can ask that your application to speak is moved to another meeting.

    Further information or support is available from Democratic Services
    Telephone: 01902 555043

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