Our priorities

Health & Wellbeing Together is responsible for producing a Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy which identifies key priorities for the city. This strategy is informed by the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the City of Wolverhampton 2030 Vision.

The Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2023 priorities are thematically grouped as follows:

    Growing well:

  • Priority 1 Early Years - Supporting parents to be active in their child’s development
  • Priority 2 Children & young people’s mental wellbeing & resilience - Working to improve children and young people’s mental health

    Living well:

  • Priority 3 Workforce - Supporting people to be stay healthy throughout their working lives, and helping people stay in work when they experience health problems (mental or physical). Develop, attract, and retain high quality staff to ensure a health and social care workforce equipped for the future.
  • Priority 4 City Centre - Improving the city centre e.g. transport links that enable walking and cycling, reducing rough sleeping and tackling problems associated with alcohol misuse and public safety.
  • Priority 5 Embedding prevention across the system - Enabling people to live longer and healthier lives by helping them change their lifestyle and improving the environment in which they live.

    Ageing well:

  • Priority 6 Integrated Care; Frailty and End of Life - Health partners working together more effectively, in particular, for people who are frail or at the end of life.
  • Priority 7 Dementia Friendly City - Working together to enable the City to be Dementia Friendly for people living with Dementia and their families.