Stay Safe
Be Kind

Find information and resources about how to help yourself and others during COVID-19.

This includes information about staying safe: social distancing, self-isolation and shielding, what to do if you think you might have coronavirus and keeping yourself safe at home and being kind: volunteering, taking care of your mental health and wellbeing and looking after your physical health.

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COVID-19 Outbreak
Control Plan

Every Local Authority is required to produce a Local Outbreak Control Plan specific to COVID-19. Our plan is our local commitment to preparedness and our response to the challenges associated with living with COVID-19. The aim of the Wolverhampton Outbreak Control Plan is to:

  • Reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection and save lives
  • Help as many people as possible return to normal life, in a way that is safe, protects our health and care systems and supports our economy to recover.

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